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The world of work is changing fast. And so must we. It’s more important than ever that we take control of our direction. AndThriving provides you the combination of strategies, tools, and support system so you can move forward with confidence.


The Future of Work is Here.

And it’s not done changing yet. We are at a critical inflection point as the next wave of exponential technologies become mainstream. Don’t believe the hype. But don’t ignore the reality that we are all impacted.

While this evolving work landscape can be challenging, it also offers opportunities never before seen to reach our highest potential. We’re not passive passengers here. We can take control of our direction, choose the work-life we want, and pursue our next career.

You don’t have to do this alone.

But change — even when wanted — can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. It often means getting out of your comfort zone, doing things you’ve not done before, and taking measured risks.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to white-knuckle it all by yourself. Most importantly, you don’t have to stay stuck because you don’t know how to transition to your new future!

Inside AndThriving, you will get the resources you need to get started. You will be supported along the way. And you will be surrounded by like-minded, motivated, change-resilient professionals so you never have to climb your chosen mountain all by yourself.

Resources and Tools to Support Your Career in a Changing World

Pivot strategy and planning framework

Webinars and workshops on Future of Work topics

Mentorship, guidance, and 24/7 chat

Professional connections and support community

The Confident Pivot™ is my signature framework for defining, strategizing, and planning your pivot.

Let’s explore TCP in detail so you know what’s happening in each section.


In this section, you’ll allow yourself to expand your thinking and get crystal clear on your Big Picture. You’ll dive deep and incorporate the 5 components that make for a truly meaningful and resonant Big Picture that will fuel your career goals.


In this section, you’ll focus on foundation mindset that will allow you to usher in the changes that you want to see in your career. You’ll challenge some of your limiting beliefs so that they do not become impossible obstacles along the way.


The objective of this section is to make your career goals as specific as possible. Using the Pivot Canvas™, you’ll explore possible avenues to your end goal. Then you’ll identify the clearest, most direct possible path to your career goals. In this section, you’ll also identify and differentiate between true needs and objections fueled by fear. If you happen to be unsure of your career goals or intentions, this section of the framework will help you gain clarity and help you make a decision on your desired path.


In this section, you’ll map out your support system — the community and different resources you’ll need to achieve your career goals.


Inside TCP, we follow the 90-day planning cycle. No annual planning here! In this section, you’ll create your 90-day projects and 30-day plan. You’ll use all the intel you’ve gathered from the previous section as inputs to your projects and plans.

Each section of TCP consists of multiple videos, journals, and workbooks. You’ll gain access to the complete framework as soon as you join AndThriving. This way, you get to work it at your own pace and time.

The methodology is very solid and well-structured. I have a clearer and more personalized Big Picture and career goals. We’ve all followed many corporate goal-setting processes in our careers, and we often cheat ourselves deeply by focusing on the company and not on our own Big Picture. — Grace Chen

I had no idea what I wanted to do next in my career and I felt stuck. In a world rife with uncertainty, I walked away from this with a clearer sense of what I want. The Pivot Canvas exercise gave me a way to look at my options objectively and a formula that I can do over and over! — Ruby W.

Working TCP at your own pace and schedule is great.
But it doesn’t mean you will be alone.

You get unlimited 1:1 support as often as you want — before you start on TCP, as you work through the sections, and even after you’ve completed and on your way to making your future a reality.

Through the bi-weekly office hours, you have access to private mentoring. And through our secure platform, you can share your progress with the network and gain support from like-minded peers. Psst: This is a great way to build professional connections too. And we all know we need that more than ever!


That’s not all.
Your AndThriving membership also gives you access to all webinars and workshops through-out the year.

Your Membership Benefits

🌟 The Confident Pivot™ An end-to-end framework for defining your pivot strategy, planning your move, and taking action confidently. Complete the process at your own time and pace, get one-on-one support while leveraging the power of the network in the private group space inside AndThriving.

🌟 Support and Mentorship Get the kind of support you want when you want. Show up during bi-weekly office hours to get help on your plans, brainstorm, solicit unbiased feedback, gather suggestions… really, whatever topic you want to discuss as often as you want!

🌟 Webinars and Workshops We get together for collaborative and live learning opportunities on topics such as Future of Work readiness, network-building, career resilience. And we follow these workshops with implementation months to maximize your opportunities to learn and apply.

🌟 Dedicated, confidential, ad-free networking space AndThriving provides a safe and secure place — outside of Facebook and all its attendant data issues — for you to build and nurture professional relationships that foster growth and cooperation (not competition).

TCP helped me to establish an action routine and manage my time. Prior to this, I had been deep in research, overloading myself with information to the point of paralysis. Working on TCP, I was inspired to get up early, reflect on the prior week’s lesson, take in the new, and then allocate the day to furthering my goals. It has become a sacred routine. I now recognize that I need to create a sense of accountability. I also now see great value in having mentors and peers at this stage. I’m learning that the mindset of seeking community and help from others. I don’t need to know everything out of the gate! — Ellen Staller

Hiya. I’m Lou Blaser and I’m the founder of the AndThriving Network.

My work spanning over 20 years now, has always been focused on making “change” happen. As a management consultant for PwC, I helped our clients create and implement the changes they want to see in their organizations. Since 2014, I’ve re-focused my work toward helping individual professionals usher in change — sometimes intentional, sometimes imposed — in their careers.

I believe that our work is more than simply what we do to make a living. It is our best path to our highest potential and one of the most significant ways we can make an impact on our families, communities, and society-at-large.

I want to see a world where we all have the ability to grow and thrive in our careers. This vision fuels my career and life choices. Helping create this world is the mission of AndThriving.

And I would be so honored to cheer you on and play a small part in your success.

I’ve been meeting with Lou twice a month for the past six months. Our talks have made the difference with clearing my mind, setting realistic goals, and having the courage to keep moving forward — even if I’m just taking baby steps. These regular conversations help me work through the mental blocks I never knew I had. In the past, I was afraid to talk about my struggles. Now I realize the importance of being honest with myself about these roadblocks if I want to make progress with my career goals. — Shara Haberman

Your Invitation to Join the AndThriving Network

For a little over $1 a day, you’ll have the resources and support you need to make your move and create the future you want!


I most appreciate Lou’s direct, ‘no sugar-coating’ advice with the sole purpose of helping me push myself and succeed in ways I never imagined for myself. Having Lou as a champion as I took a leap into a radically different phase in my professional career has meant the world to me. — Glori R.

Lou helped me design a clear career path based on my strength, passion and technical capabilities. I was really impressed with her in-depth understanding of the global workforce. The fact that she has so much experience as a professional makes her an excellent career advisor. — Shahar K.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I complete my purchase?

You will immediately receive your private link to the AndThriving Network so you can activate your membership. As soon as you do so, you’ll gain access to all the benefits of membership.

When do I get access to The Confident Pivot?

As soon as you finish activating your membership. You can dive in and get started with The Confident Pivot framework immediately. The good thing about this is that it’s designed to be completed at your time and pace. The sections build on each other so you’ll want to complete the sections in sequence.

When and how often can I get 1:1 support?

As much and as often as you want! There are designated hours every 2 weeks you can use to discuss whatever topic you’d like to cover. For example, you can use this time to get guidance on your TCP work. You can take advantage of 1:1 support as soon as you join, even before you work on the TCP.

When are the webinars/workshops scheduled?

We hold webinars/workshops on Future of Work topics and career resilience through changing times at least 1x a quarter, and sometimes more frequently than that! These will be announced inside AndThriving as soon as they are calendared.

What platform is AndThriving on? Is it on Facebook?

AndThriving is on the Mighty Networks platform. It is a private network, separate from Facebook. The only people who you’ll “meet” inside AndThriving are fellow members. You won’t be served any ads from third-party vendors and all conversations are private and secure.

What is your refund policy?

We take your investment seriously and invest our time and resources into your success seriously as well. Your membership to AndThriving is for a period of 12-months, renewable annually. As soon as you join, you’ll have access to all of the Network’s services including the 1:1 mentoring program. Because of this, we’re not able to provide refunds.