How different would your life be if you had the career you want and actually enjoy working?


Can you see it? Can you see yourself in it?
Now let’s get you there.


The support and guidance you’ve always wanted.

We are lucky to live in a world that offers so many opportunities — many never before seen — to choose our work and reach our highest potential.

The challenge is the road to our best career can be overwhelming and fraught with self-doubt. It often means getting out of our comfort zone, ‘putting ourselves out there’, and embracing change.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to white-knuckle it all by yourself. Most importantly, you don’t have to stay unhappy and stuck because you don’t know where to start the transition to your new future!

Inside AndThriving, you will not only get the resources you need. You will be supported. You will be surrounded by like-minded, motivated, change-resilient professionals so you never have to climb your chosen mountain all by yourself.

The doors to AndThriving are currently closed. Get on the Wait List and we’ll let you know when they reopen!

I had no idea what I wanted to do next in my career and I felt stuck. In a world rife with uncertainty, I walked away from this with a clearer sense of what I want. The Pivot Canvas exercise gave me a way to look at my options objectively and a formula that I can do over and over! — Ruby Wu

Your Membership Benefits

🌟 The Confident Pivot™ An end-to-end framework for defining your pivot strategy, planning your move, and taking action confidently. Complete the process at your own time and pace, get one-on-one support while leveraging the power of the network in the private group space inside AndThriving.

🌟 One-on-One Mentorship Get the kind of support you want when you want. Use these private conversations to get help on your plans, brainstorm, solicit unbiased feedback, gather suggestions, and so much more. Show up during the Weekly Office Hours with the topic you want to discuss as often as you want!

🌟 Dedicated, confidential, ad-free networking space AndThriving provides a safe and secure place — outside of Facebook and all its attendant data issues — for you to build and nurture professional relationships that foster growth and cooperation (not competition).

Lou helped me design a clear career path based on my strength, passion and technical capabilities. I was really impressed with her in-depth understanding of the global workforce. The fact that she has so much experience as a professional makes her an excellent career advisor. — S. Karni

Hiya. I’m Lou Blaser and I’m the founder of the AndThriving Network.

My work spanning over 20 years now, has always been focused on making “change” happen. As a management consultant for PwC, I helped our clients create and implement the changes they want to see in their organizations. Since 2014, I’ve re-focused my work toward helping individual professionals usher in change — sometimes intentional, sometimes imposed — in their careers.

I believe that our work is more than simply what we do to make a living. It is our best path to our highest potential and one of the most significant ways we can make an impact on our families, communities, and society-at-large.

I want to see a world where we all have the ability to grow and thrive in our careers. This vision fuels my career and life choices. Helping create this world is the mission of AndThriving.

And I would be so honored to be cheer you on and play a small part in your success.

I’ve been meeting with Lou twice a month for the past six months. Our talks have made the difference with clearing my mind, setting realistic goals, and having the courage to keep moving forward — even if I’m just taking baby steps. These regular conversations help me work through the mental blocks I never knew I had. In the past, I was afraid to talk about my struggles. Now I realize the importance of being honest with myself about these roadblocks if I want to make progress with my career goals. — Shara Haberman